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Mink marries Kelp.

(Dictated by Yâ'gôLas, a ?nE'mgês, 1900.)

"Mother, I want to marry."--"Who is it?"--"Oh! it is this Kelp!"--"Nonsense!" said Mother. I like her because she has long hair."--"Then go Then he married Kelp. He embraced her. "Go down on ground! Go down on ground! Go down on ground! Go down on ground!" he said. "We shall do so by and by, when the ebb-tide is half."--"Let us do it now."--"You are a funny fellow," said Kelp. "I have pity on you, for you will be out of breath."--"No, I shall not," said Born-to-be-the-Sun. Then they went down, and were a long time under water. Born-to-be-the-Sun tried to pinch

p. 129

her, that she should go up, but she could not do it on account of the strong current. Born-to-be-the-Sun just came floating up. Foam was on his mouth while he was drifting on the water. Then he was met on the water by a woman. "Oh!" she said, "is not this Born-to-be-the-Sun floating about?' Then he said, "T, t, t, t; indeed, I had a good long sleep." Then he went home to his house. He was asked, "Where is your wife?" Thus said Mother. "Oh, I have done something to her because she was too long under water.'

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