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12. The Mink Legend.

Mink and the Sun.

(Dictated by MalE'd, a Kwâ'g*ûl, 1893.)

The future mother of Born-to-be-the-Sun was weaving wool, facing the rear of the house. Then the sun was in the sky, and--the sun was shining through the holes in the house; and the rays struck her back while she sat facing the rear of the house, on her bed. Thus she became pregnant. There was no husband of this woman. She gave birth, and Born-to-be-the-Sun (Mink) became a child. Therefore it had immediately the name Born-to-be-the-Sun, because it was known that its mother became pregnant by the sun shining on her back.

Then Born-to-be-the-Sun was fighting with his friend Bluebird. Then Bluebird made fun of Born-to-be-the-Sun because he had no father. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun cried in the house to his mother, telling his mother that he was called an orphan because he had no father. Therefore his mother said to him that his father was the Sun.

Immediately Born-to-be-the-Sun said he would go and visit his father. Then his mother made a request of the uncle of Born-to-be-the-Sun: "Make arrows for this child, that he may go and see his father." He made four arrows for him. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun shot one of the arrows upward. It is said it struck our sky. Then he shot another one upward. It struck the nock of the one that he had shot upward first; then again another one, and it hit the end of his arrow. His arrows came down, sticking together. Then he shot the last one, and it hit

p. 125

the end of the one he had shot before. They came to the ground.

Then the mother of Born-to-be-the-Sun took the end of the arrows and shook them, and they became a rope. Then she cautioned her child, (saying,) "Don't be foolish at the place where you are going." Thus Born-to-be-the-Sun was told by his mother. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun climbed the rope, going upward. He went to visit his father. He arrived, and went through to the upper side of the sky.

Then Born-to-be-the-Sun sat on the ground next to his father's house. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun was seen by a boy. Then he was asked by the boy, "Why are you sitting there?"--"I came to see my father." Then the boy entered, and reported to the chief. "This boy sitting on the ground near the house comes to see his father." --"Ah, ah, ah! indeed! I obtained him by shining through. Go ask him if he will come in."

Then the boy went out and called Born-to-be-the-Sun. Born-to-be-the-Sun entered and sat down. Immediately he was taken care of by his father. "Thank you, child, that you will change feet with me. I have tried not to be tired from walking to and fro every day. Now you shall go, child." Thus said the chief to his son.

Then he was cautioned by his father. "Don't walk fast where you are walking along. Don't look right down to those below us, else you will do mischief." Then he dressed him up with his ear-ornaments. Then he put on his mask. Then he walked on the trail that was pointed out. He walked along. "My dear master, don't sweep too much when you are walking along. Don't show yourself [through] entirely when you are peeping through." Then he started in the morning. He passed noon. Then in the afternoon the sun was warm. Then he desired to

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peep through. He swept away his aunts (the clouds). Already this world began to burn. There was noise of the cracking of mountains, and the sea began to boil. The trees of the mountains caught fire. Therefore there are no good trees on the mountains, and therefore the rocks are cracked.

That was the reason of the fury of Born-to-be-the-Sun's father. The chief pursued his child. He reached him when the sun was not low. Then the clothing of Born-to-be-the-Sun was taken away. "Is that what I told you? You have come only once." Born-to-be-the-Sun was just taken by the neck by his father, and was thrown through the hole. Born-to-be-the-Sun came down. A canoe was paddling along, and came right to Born-to-be-the-Sun. "Is this our chief, Born-to-be-the-Sun, floating about?" Then he raised his head on the water when they touched him with the paddle. Born-to-be-the-Sun awoke and puffed. "Indeed, I have been asleep on the water a long time.` He went ashore and went inland.

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