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5. L!â'lamîn.

Tradition of the ?nE'mgês.

(Dictated by ?nEmô'gwis, 1900.)

Qô'los was a bird when he came down. He looked for a house. Then the bird disappeared, and he began to be a man. He became possessed of a house, the outside of which was cloudless; and stars were on the house that he brought down with him. Then he married. He had children, and they became many, and they became the L!â'L!Elâmîn clan.

Then the son of L!â'lamîn went hunting on the sea at a place called Beaver Cove. Then, while he was hunting, he met unexpectedly the house of Rich-One, 1 which was coming up. He was taken down to below the sea. The name of the hunter was Q!â'g*iwê. Then he came, being brought up, and he came as the possessor of the house, the (beams over the) door of which vomited. The beams were sea-lions. He came, and his house stood on the ground at Foundation. At times houses were built by

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those who took his place, one after another. There were many things in the house of L!â'lamîn. Birds were on top of it. Then he went to this river (Nimkish), and he built a house on piles, and he became a man. Then Paddled-to and T!â't!Endzîd, his children, took his place.

Then the hunter, the child of L!â'lamîn, went hunting; and every time he went, he caught many sea-otters. Then he built a house at Rolling-down. He took his hat and his large cape, and he became a man. Then he made a trail, which is now the trail going to those named Qâ'yokwadeEx. Then he gave to each of his children the crests which he had obtained by magic. For a long time L!â'lamîn did not die. His house was flooded by the deluge. Then he put on his Qô'los mask, and he flew upward, and he went up. Only these, his children, are chiefs, after he left them behind. Later on they just became people. This is just placed on the ground from time to time, for L!â'lamîn to sit on top of it. These are the crests. It is said that the North People were the slaves of the children of L!â'lamîn. They ran away with the crests they took away. Therefore it is said they have crests, and the names T!â't!Endzîd and Paddled-to which were taken away.


81:1 A spirit of the sea.

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