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p. 55


ULa'mAn gî'lgîgasLas Lû tc!a'Añ gut ku'sgetgîñ.
ULa'mAn | is on the sea (in sight) | when his canoe companions | upon | the captain looked about.
A l agA'ñ kî'lSLia kudjû'da.
Make yourself a chief's son, | dear.
Haiya kî'lsLa-i, haiya kî'lsLa-i, ha'oîsîn kî'lsLa-igan.
Now | chief, | now | chief, | again | chief.

When ULa'mAn 1 lay in sight on the sea, the captain looked about upon his companions (allowing them to relax their efforts).
Make yourself a chief's son, dear.
Again he is a chief, is a chief, is a chief.


55:1 ULa'mAn is a long, low hill near Rose Spit, generally the first sighted by canoes from Port Simpson and neighboring places in the Tsimshian country. The mother is probably thinking of the time when her child will come home from trading with the Tsimshian. A third song, which I was unable to obtain in Haida, tells in the first verse about intermarriages between the young men of the Skî'daoqao and young women of the StA'stas; in the second verse, of intermarriage with women of the Gîtî'ns of Masset.

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