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p. 48


Û+hua', 1 û+hua', ûhua'-a-a,
Loftiest one, | loftiest one, | loftiest one,
DAñ nâ'ga ga L!a qoa'ndîgînî gua kî'lsLa-i.
Your | house | in there was formerly plenty, | ? | chief.
Gî'na uhua', uhua', qâli sku'na yûdA'lgAñAs a,
Something, | greatest one, | greatest one, | inside (some thing) big | smells strongly,
U'hua, û'hua, qî'ndal?
Loftiest one, | loftiest one, | mightiest one?

Loftiest one, loftiest one, loftiest one,
There used to be plenty in your house, chief.
Does not something big (i. e., a whale) smell strongly in your house,
Loftiest, loftiest, mightiest chief?


48:1 Ûhua' is a very high word, only applied to one or two chiefs who attained especially great power.

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