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p. 27


Lû'gua nAñ na'nga sL!a-i dja'kia qîndjâ'waxañ: wagi
At that time | someone's | grandmother | hand | wooden tray with square sides | has been hurt, I hear: | for it
gagîña'ñ, wagi gâ'lgalwa'ñ q!oldjida, q!oldjida, gadja'o
(you) cry, | for it | (you) sit and move around (i. e., the body), | chief-woman | chief-woman, | sit and move 1

Perhaps you are crying and are moving around for your grandmother's hand, which was hurt on a wooden tray, chief-woman, chief-woman.


27:1 A woman of this family had such a large hand, that she could pick up enough berries to fill a wooden tray. This story is referred to, but the wording is rather obscure.

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