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(Third Version.)

People were living on a small place. Some old woman had five children and two little grandsons. One morning they went (away) severally. The grandsons remained alone. In the evenings she taught the grandsons (to) dance. Indeed, the two children were dancing. Thus that old woman was teaching them a dance. Every evening she taught them a dance. One evening the two children were dancing. The fire was burning, the house was full of pitch. The house was continually burning.

One evening the door just opened slowly. "Come, grandsons, come here behind my back! You two lie down!" There the old woman covered (them) with blankets. "Come in, my sisters!" 2 Thus spoke the old lady. Indeed, (they) entered. Their faces were painted in different ways. Thus these two entered. They two entered with a dance. They two danced with their faces turned away from the fire. Thus the old woman spoke: "You dance well, my sisters." She put more wood on the fire. "You two dance somewhat closer to the fire." Thus spoke the old woman. Thus said (one) Giantess: "Not there, a little faster." The dear old lady heard as the Giantess spoke. Their two dresses were caused to melt. (Made of) pitch were the dresses of the two Giant Women. "You two dance still closer to the fire." Thus spoke the old woman. The old woman was splitting pitch-wood. Their two p. 85 dresses began to melt. She lighted them with split pitch-wood. She applied it blazing to the dresses. Thus she did to both (of them). Their two dresses were burning. They burned for a long time, and the two Giant Women did not know it. Then they two examined themselves. (They) flew outside. The old woman was looking at them as they were running about in the woods. They two went (back to the place) whence they came. That old woman looked on as they two disappeared.

The next day she examined her grandsons. (To her) surprise, both were dead when she lifted their two blankets.

The children of (that) old woman came back. "The Giant Women scared us." Thus the old woman related. "They killed all my grandsons when I covered them with blankets." Now they searched there (in the direction) where these had gone. Indeed, they went there. Indeed, they found their (dual) house. One (Giantess) lay dead at a little distance from the door, while the other one had fallen at the very door. They lay dead. One man entered inside. Their (dual) money was seen as it was hanging. It was gathered up and taken home. Their (dual) house was set afire. They became rich when they came into possession of the money (of) the Giant Women.

Thus the story of the Giant Women is being told. Here it ends.


83:2 Meaning the Giant Women.

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