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"Now shortly after he said a few words. To the numbers gathered about him to hear his message he said, "I will soon go to

p. 80

my new home. 1 Soon I will step into the new world for there is a plain pathway before me leading there. Whoever follows my teachings will follow in my footsteps and I will look back upon him with outstretched arms inviting him into the new world of our Creator. Alas, I fear that a pall of smoke will obscure the eyes of many from the truth of Gai'wiio` but I pray that when I am gone that all may do what I have taught.'

"This is what he said. This is what Ganio`dai'io`, our head man, said to his people." Eniaiehuk.

[Then the preacher says:] "Relatives and friends: His term of ministry was sixteen years. So preached our head man, Ganio`dai'io`.

"Let this be our thanks to you and to the four messengers also. I give thanks to them for they are the messengers of our Creator. So, also, I give thanks to him whom we call Sêdwa:gowa:nê, our great teacher. So, also, I give thanks to our great Creator.

So have I said, I, Sosondowa (Great Night), the preacher."

[Signed] EDWARD CORNPLANTER, Sosondowa


80:1 Handsome Lake died August 10, 1815, at Onondaga. His last moments were spent in a small cabin near the creek that runs into Onondaga creek at the foot of the terrace. Three persons attended him and swore to keep all details secret. He is said to have died before his nephew, Henry Obeal, could reach him.

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