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"So they continued on their journey and after a short time they came to a halt. Then spoke the messengers, 'This place is called, "the spring" and it is a place for rest. 1 Then behold he saw the spring and he thought that he had never seen so beautiful and

p. 75

clear a fount of water. Then said the four, 'This is a place of refreshment.' One of the four drew a bottle from his bosom, so it seemed and it was, and dipped it in the spring. Then he said, 'You must partake first,' and so he took it, but when he looked at it he thought it was not enough. So he said, 'I think that this is not sufficient.' And when he had said this the messengers looked at one another and smiled and one said, 'Truly it is enough. If it lacks, there is still the spring and the vessel may be refilled. So all took and drank and all the drink that all wished was in the bottle. Then said the messengers, 'This is a place of meeting. Now we will go on our journey.'" [There are also said to have been two other meeting places, Dioge:?'djaie, Grassy Place, and Dion'dot, The Tree.]

So they said. Eniaiehuk.


74:1 See legend, Two brothers who went to the sky, p. 132.

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