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"So they proceeded on their journey and had not gone far when they stopped.

"Then the messengers said, 'Watch attentively.' Then they pointed out to him a certain spot midway between the earth and the clouds. So he watched there. Now this is true. He saw a house suspended there and on the veranda with a railing about it, a man walked and with him was a penny dog (kwên'nîs dji`'yä). Now moreover the man was rejoicing and he was a white man.

"Then said the messengers, 'What did you see?'

"He answered, 'I saw a house suspended in the air and on the porch with a railing about it a man was walking and with him was a penny dog. Now moreover the man was a white man.'

"Then the messengers said, 'Truly you have seen. It is said that the man is the first and oldest president of the United States. Now he enjoys himself and he is the only white man so near the new world of our Creator. Now it is said that there was once a time when the Thirteen Fires and the King 2 were in trouble. The Thirteen Fires were victorious and this man won the victory from the king. Said the king, "You have overpowered me, so now I release everything that was in my control, even these Iroquois who were my helpers. It rests with you what shall be done with them. Let them be to you a thing for a sacrifice." Then said the president, "I shall let them live and go back to the places that are theirs for they are an independent people." So it is said. Now this man did a great work. He has ordered things that we may enjoy ourselves, as long as the sun shines and waters run. This is the doing of our Great Creator.'" 3

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.


66:2 The word here is feminine and should be translated queen but this would manifestly not be in accord with truth. The error was made by Chief John jacket who wrote out the Gai'wiio` in Seneca in 1860, during the reign of Queen Victoria.

66:3 See Washington and the Iroquois, p. 137.

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