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"'Now, they said unto him, 'We will tarry here a while in order that you may see.'

"Now as he watched and believed, he saw a large woman sitting there. Now the woman was grasping frantically at all things within her reach, and it seemed that she could not stand because of her great size. That was what he saw.

"Then they said to him, 'What did you see?

"He answered, 'It is hard to say. I saw a woman sitting and she was large of size and snatching at everything about her. I am of the opinion that she can not rise.' So he answered when he spoke.

"Then the messengers answered, 'It is true. That which you saw was the evil of stinginess. She can not stand and thus she will

p. 63

remain forever. Thus it will be with those who forsake religious teachings and think more of the things of earth than of the new world above. (Having glutted themselves with the things of earth they are unable to stand upon the heaven road.)'" 1

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.


63:1 Those who gain great riches and lack humility can not stand upon the sky-road nor can they walk. The poor and meek only can travel skyward and not even the poor unless their ways have been humble and marked with virtue. Thus it is said, "It is better to be poor on earth and rich in the sky-world than to have earth riches and no heaven."

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