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"'Now another message.

"'Now this matter will devolve upon you.

"'The people will assemble in council and ask, "Who among us is able to say, 'I compel you to assemble?'"

"'Now when the question is set forth each person must make reply. The chiefs must demand it.'

"'Now it happened that he fulfilled the requirements and all the people assembled and with one accord acclaimed that Ganio`dai'io` should lead them and that they should never murmur.

"'Now that the people had done, he was patient to learn the result.

"'The council adjourned and the messengers came and questioned him saying, 'How did you understand your people? '

"'He answered, 'The majority consented that I should lead them.' 2

"'Then the messengers replied, 'Truly the greater number will follow you."

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.


53:2 Because the people of this council elected that Handsome Lake should have authority over them he is ever after called Se:dwa:go'wa:nê, or chief leader, or our great teacher.

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