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"'Now another message.

"This happened when Gai'wiio` was new. It was the time when he dwelt at Dionon?'sodegê`. 1

"A father and son appeared in Dionon?'sodegê`. Now the name of the son was Gani'seoñ. They were on a hunting journey and came from Gadäges'käon 2 with a horse and cart. Now they tarried in Dionon?'sodegê` for several nights before again taking up their journey.

"It was during the hunting season that the news spread that some one had returned from the hunting grounds without a companion. It was the young man who had returned. So they questioned him and asked where his father was. He answered, 'My father is lost. I went about searching for my father a number of days. I walked and searched and signalled with gun discharges hoping to find him. I could not find him and became weary waiting for his return.' So he said."

"Now Gaiänt'wakâ when he heard this said, 'It is apparent to me that the young man has spoken the untruth.' So then they all went to the diviner of mysteries and Gaiänt'wakâ spoke to him saying, 'It is my opinion that the boy has murdered his own father.' And the prophet answering said, 'They have not yet given me the power to see things but this will I do. Bring a bullet, a knife, and a hatchet that the boy may look upon these things when I speak and perhaps the truth will come (see plate 14). One of these things will move though not touched and he shall be the witness.' So the head men did as bidden and placed the objects as directed. In the middle of the floor they spread a blanket and put the articles upon it. Then they gathered around it and watched, and as they watched he spoke and the bullet moved. Thus it happened. Then spoke Ganio`dai'io`, 'This brings the confirmation of the rumor. Truly the youth has murdered his father, and furthermore I say that the crime was committed between Ga:nos' 3 and Hanênk'gaek. 4 On the south side of a mountain, where half way up an elm is broken, leaning over on the downhill side to the west lies the body buried in the leaves of the top branches. He, the father, is buried in the leaves.' So he said when he spoke. The

p. 53

chiefs and head-men appointed a delegation to see if all he had said were true. So they went as they had been told and found the body of the father and brought it back with them." Eniaiehuk.


52:1 Cornplanter village.

52:2 Cattaraugus village, the principal town of the Cattaraugus region.

52:3 Franklin, Pa.

52:4 Oil City, Pa.

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