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"Now I will relate another.

"There is a certain ceremony in the midwinter. 2 It is said that it is most important to uphold the customs of midwinter and that any one having a part should fulfil it. It is said that to fulfil the customs they must go about the neighborhood holding dances. It is said that the Creator has sanctioned certain dances for thanksgiving."

"Now the messengers said that Ganio`dai'io` must sing 3 early in the morning on three mornings and give the cheer-cries of the Gai'wiio`."

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.


51:2 See the Burning of the White Dog, p. 85.

51:3 This song is still sung by the preacher of the Gai'wiio`. The preacher stands at the door of the Long House on three successive mornings of the new year's season and greets the sunrise with his song. It is said to be a charm against high winds and the faithful claim that Gao?, the spirit of the wind, holds back his fury when the song floats over the settlement.

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