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"'Now another message to tell your people.

"'This thing will happen when it is new.

"'Truly men will repent and reform but it will happen that three certain ones will neither confess nor reform. Nothing will induce them to confess.

"'There are grades of sin: 2 the sins of Hasan'owa:n'ê?, the sins of Honon'diont and the sins of the ordinary people.

"'Now when you are preaching repentance, Gaiänt'wakâ will say that these men when they pass from this world are most vile. He will say, "Let us cast them into the water for they are not worthy to be dressed for the grave. The Creator will not receive them." Now no one will object to what Gaiänt'wakâ says."'

Now this thing did happen as predicted and when the messenger arose the first thing that he did was to spread the news and give the command that it must not be done.

"Now they said, 'The Creator will not give up hope of them until they pass from the earth. It is only then that they can lose their souls if they have not repented. So the Creator always hopes for repentance.'" 3

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.


44:2 The higher the position the greater the sin, is the prophet's rule.

44:3 See p. 61, Idea of soul.

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