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"'Now another message for your people.

"'If all the world would repent the earth would become as new again. Because of sin the under-world 2 is crumbling with decay. The world is full of sin. Truly, this is so.'"

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.


43:2 The under-world was thought to be a dark region beneath the surface of the earth where were confined the creations of the evil-minded spirit. It was a vast cave full of winding chambers, dark turbid rivers, bottomless sloughs, hot springs and fetid odors, rapacious beasts, venomous serpents, Poisonous insects and noxious weeds. The door of the under-world was guarded by the under-earth elves who had great difficulty in preventing the white buffaloes from escaping. Frequently they did and then began a great pursuit to kill or bring back the white buffaloes. At such a time the elves would tell the sun of the calamity and he would paint his face red as a sign to all the elves the world over that the chase was on. See Legend, Origin of Death Dance.

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