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p. 27



"Now the beings spoke saying, 'We must now relate our message. We will uncover the evil upon the earth and show how men spoil the laws the Great Ruler has made and thereby made him angry.'

"'The Creator made man a living creature.'

"'Four words tell a great story of wrong and the Creator is sad because of the trouble they bring, so go and tell your people.'

"'The first word is One'ga?. 1 It seems that you never have known that this word stands for a great and monstrous evil and has reared a high mound of bones. Ga?'nigoêntdon'tha, you lose your minds and one'ga? causes it all. Alas, many are fond of it and are too fond of it. So now all must now say, "I will use it nevermore. As long as I live, as long as the number of my days is I will never use it again. I now stop." So must all say when they hear this message.' Now the beings, the servants of the Great Ruler, the messengers of him who created us, said this. Furthermore they said that the Creator made one'ga? and gave it to our younger brethren, the white man, as a medicine but they use it for evil for they drink it for other purposes than medicine and drink instead of work and idlers drink one'ga?. No, the Creator did not make it for you."

So they said and he said. Enia:'iehûk! 2


27:1 Whiskey or Rum.

27:2 Enia:'iehûk meaning, It was that way.

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