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There is family consisting of father, mother, two daughters and son. Son always hunts eagles and takes care of them and does not assist father in field work. He captures two eagles and goes to find food for them. Girls angry and beat eagles and then go with mother to field. The They lock up house and hide key. Young man returns and eagles, tell him what sisters have done. They tell him to dress up and that they want to go where family is. So he decorates himself and mounts on eagles' back. Eagles ascend and young man sings song. They come near field and sisters recognize brother. Eagles descend and parents ask them to leave son, but they soar out of sight after circling four times. Family at once go home mourning. Eagles fly to their home, through opening in sky, whence they come down in response to prayers of Hopi and hatch their young in this world. Eagles deposit young man on high bluff and leave him there because his sisters had beaten them. Wren appears jumping up and down edge of bluff. He speaks to Wren, but receives no answer. Black Spider comes, having been informed by Wren, and pities him. Spider goes and brings him two small downy Turkey feathers to keep him from getting cold. In morning Wren comes again and makes ladder down narrow crack to ground with its feathers, which it pulls out, leaving itself entirely naked, having kept only its bill. Young man follows Wren ladder and reaches ground. Wren replaces feathers in body, and. after directing young man where to go, leaves him. He comes to place and hears voice of

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Spider Woman, who invites him in. She enlarges opening and he enters. She asks him to live with her and gives him small piece of doughy mush and half a nut. She tells him to take small quantity. As he eats it increases in his mouth. After eating, Spider Woman makes him hall of pitch and hair. In morning young man runs southward kicking ball. He comes to small lake and kills little bird for Spider Woman. She is pleased and says bird will last them several months. Next day he brings home two birds and on third day large number of birds, and Spider Woman says they can now eat meat and no longer suck it. On fourth day he goes westward from lake to see who it is Spider Woman has told him is dangerous. he kicks ball before him and all at once it disappears. It has dropped into kiva. Some one from within tells him to come in. He sees ball lying north of fireplace. Man in kiva is Hásohkata and has eyelids hanging down on breast. They play totólospi and Hásohkata beats twice. He tells young man to lie down outside of entrance of kiva and ties his hands and feet. Spider Woman goes to look for him and finds him tied. She goes home to bring him two fuzzy turkey feathers. On return she calls her people, and animals of prey come. she tells them she wants them to go and take grandchildren from Hásohkata and gamble with him. While Hásohkata is laughing at young man. rescuers arrive at kiva. Spider Woman takes cup game. Mole proceeds under ground. Spider Woman tells Hásohkata they have come to gamble with him. She puts four gaming cups on north side of fireplace. By aid of mole, who is under floor and pushes little ball under cup, they beat Hásohkata, who tells them to take young man along. Spider Woman finds ball, which disgusts Hásohkata, and he challenges them to another trial. If they can pull out a certain amount of brush, he will consider himself beaten. Mole hears and gnaws off biggest roots of brush. They pull out so much that Hásohkata considers himself beaten. He tells them to take all he has. There are many objects in kiva It(, has taken away from his victims. They take everything, and then Bear grabs him and tears out his heart. Wolves tear his corpse to pieces and devour it. Animals do so still, and this is why Hopi hunt and kill them. Spider Woman sends animals away and takes grandchild home with her. Wren finds out that young man's parents are longing for him and tells Spider Woman. She says that next day she will go with him. They go to opening through which eagles brought him. Spider Woman places sticks around it and spins much web. Young man mounts her back and they descend. They strike earth close to field of his parents. He starts to parents' home. They recognize him at last, and all are united once more.

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