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Young men bring flowers to beautiful maiden of Oraíbi, but she refuses them. Yellow Cloud chief of north hears about it, takes yellow bridal outfit and offers it to maiden, but she refuses it. Then Blue Cloud chief of west takes blue bridal outfit and offers it to maiden without success. White Cloud chief of east, Black Cloud chief from above, and Gray Cloud chief from below each tries his luck, but all fail. Rain Deity in far south hears story. He paints and dresses up like Katcina and proceeds to Oraíbi. Maiden is favorably impressed with him and promises to ask her parents to give her to him in four days. Parents offer no objection. Coyote Old Man, hearing maiden has accepted Rain Deity, determines to win her. He travels south and captures Macaw, which maiden accepts 'as present. During night he goes to house of Rain Deity and steals his costume and ornaments. Next morning he dresses up and paints like Rain Deity and proceeds to house of maiden, who, thinking it is her lover, goes with Coyote Old Man to his house. Site soon discovers mistake and is very unhappy. When Rain Deity awakes he misses costume. He follows tracks to house of maiden and then to house of Coyote, where he finds her. He returns home very angry. Young men of village hear and go to kill Coyote. He manages to escape unhurt and from distance makes defiant gesture at pursuers. Rain Deity afterwards strikes Coyote dead with lightning. Maiden returns to her home, but leads life of lewdness.

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