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Poor youth does not go with young men to hunt when snow on ground. Older men in kiva ask why he has not gone on hunt. He says he has no moccasins. They make him pair Of moccasins and some leggings, and give him old blanket, also bow and arrows and some throwing sticks. They then explain difference between rabbit tracks and those of other animals. He leaves village and finds rabbit tracks, which he follows for long distance. Comes upon tired jack-rabbit, which he kills. On returning it becomes dark and youth sees light in kiva, where is pretty woman, She invites him in. He sits near fire, and she gives him brain of corpses and flies, which he pretends to eat. She is Skeleton Woman. He gives her rabbit. She says she is going to dance, and when she is through they will sleep together. She goes to another room,

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leaving him to attend to fire. He sees opening of kiva closed with threads stretched in every direction. Woman comes again dancing and singing, and is skeleton. As she turns around youth jumps up, runs up ladder and cuts strings closing opening, and runs away. He again sees light, and finds another kiva where dancing is going on. He enters and asks dancers to hide him. They are crickets. They rub clay over his body and he dances along. Skeleton Woman comes and asks for her husband. They pretend not to hear her, but she enters and examines dancers. Youth rushes out and runs towards village pursued by Skeleton Woman, who fails to overtake him.

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