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In Shongópavi, son of village chief often sits looking at graveyards and wondering whether dead continue to live somewhere. Father cannot tell him, and speaks about it to other chiefs, and especially to village crier. They say Badger Old Man has medicine for it. They send for Badger Old Man, who says he has medicine, and goes for it. Next day young man is dressed as though dead. Badger Old Man spreads white ówa on floor, and tells young man to lie down on it, and places medicine in his mouth, in his ears, and on his heart. Young man eats medicine and "dies." Then he sees path leading westward to Skeleton House, which he follows, and he sees one sitting in inclosure of sticks who will be long time in getting to Skeleton House. He proceeds westward through cactus and agave plants, and arrives at steep bluff., Chief sitting there points out direction of house, which young man cannot see for stroke. Chief places young man's kilt on ground, places him on it, and throws it over precipice. Young man slowly descends on kilt as if flying with wings. On arriving on ground he proceeds and comes upon Skeleton Woman. She tells hurt that smoke is from where wicked people are thrown in and destroyed. He goes on to Skeleton House, where Skeleton people assemble to look at him. They ask who he is, and then take him to Bear Clan. There is ladder up to house. He tries to ascend, but rungs are made of sunflower stems and first one breaks as he steps on it. He stays down and Skeletons bring him food. They laugh when he eats, as they eat only odor and steam of food. That is why they are not heavy, and why clouds into which dead are transformed can float in air. They ask what he has come for; they say he must go back, his flesh is still too strong. He is to make nakwákwosis for them at Soyál Ceremony, and they give him directions for wrapping up women when they die, that raindrops may fall when Skeleton moves through sky as clouds. Young man sees Skeletons carrying mealing stones on backs, and others bundles of cactus, as punishment. At another place he sees chiefs who had been good in this world. Young man returns. At bluff he mounts kilt and breeze lifts him up. He sees chief again, who says no one should desire to come there, it is not good or light. He meets no one on return home, and as he enters body he comes to life again. Badger Old Man washes and discharms him. He is fed, and then tells what he has seen in much same language as before. He adds that no one should desire to go to that place, because people are living in light here.

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