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Halíksai! At Potátuk'aovi lived the Bee, and at Móngwupcovi lived the Ásya (a species of bird). They were both women and both had children. They were great friends with each other. The Ásya one time was walking around in the peach orchard north of her house and was eating peaches, which she relished very much. One time she was visiting her friend, the Bee, and the latter fed her honey, of which she ate. After she was through eating they conversed together all day. In the evening the Ásya returned to her house, inviting her friend, however, to come and visit her too in the morning, which the Bee promised to do. The next morning the Bee went over to her

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friend's house, but at that time the Bees had no wings. They walked like the hohóyawuu, so that she did not get there very quickly.

The Ásya was living in an opening in a rock, which the Bee entered. The Ásya gave her a seat and told her to be seated, and then fed her peaches, which the Bee ate. "Do you like these peaches?" the Ásya asked. "Yes," she said, "I always eat them. I like them very much; I live on them." "But," the Bee said, "what do you think, shall I make some medicine for the peaches? They are not good," because the peaches at that time were not sweet as they are now; they were sour. "Very well," the Ásya replied, "make some medicine then, and I shall have something that tastes well." Hereupon the Bee put some honey on the peaches, and ever since the peaches are sweet and taste better. The Ásya was very happy and said to the Bee, "I am glad, and I shall give you something too, because you have made my peaches better."

Hereupon she pulled out some of her feathers, made some wings, and attached them to the Bee, saying to her, "Now fly." But the Bee said, "I do not know how it is done." "You just extend your front legs." The Bee did so and moved them, whereupon she could fly, and flew away. Ever since that time the bees can fly.


235:1 Told by Kwáyeshva, (Oraíbi).

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