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Halíksai! North-east of Wálpi at Oáktoika lived the Coyote. West of this place at Shiwápba lived the Badger. They were friends. One time the latter visited his friend, the Coyote. "Have you come?" the Coyote said. "Yes," his friend replied. Hereupon they conversed until noon. "Now let us have something to eat," the Coyote said, whereupon he went into a room and got out some juniper berries. "This I am eating," he said to his friend, and set it before him. "Now, eat this," he said. Hereupon they ate. When that was eaten they conversed until towards evening, when the Badger said he had to go home now. "Very well," the Coyote replied. And after having invited his friend to visit him too, the Badger went home. In the evening he went on a hunt and tracking a rabbit into a hole he quickly dug him up and pulled him out. Having killed the rabbit he took him home and put him away until the next morning.

Early in the morning he roasted the rabbit nicely and then waited for his friend, who soon came. "Have you come?" the Badger said. "Yes," the Coyote said. "Very well," the Badger said. So they conversed all forenoon and at noon the Badger said: "Now, we are going to have something to eat, too," whereupon he brought forth the roasted rabbit, which looked very inviting. Cutting the rabbit up, the Badger invited his friend to eat, whereupon they enjoyed their meal very much. When they had eaten they again conversed with each other, and were very happy talking about the good food that they had eaten. Towards evening the Coyote said that he must go home now. "Very well," the Badger replied, whereupon the

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Coyote left, his friend having wished him a happy journey. After that each one continued to live in his house.


206:1 Told by Sik'áhpik'i (Shupaúlavi).

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