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Halíksai! In Oraíbi they were living. At Bayávushtuhco lived a woman by the name of Kavúshkavuwnöm, and at Oánmuru lived a woman by the name of Shovíviounöm. These two women were great friends. They usually got water at Spider Spring (Kóhkangva). One time Kavúshkavuwnöm was getting water again, and as she was returning her friend Shovíviounöm met her, also getting water. The latter asked her in a half-singing manner: "What now [in order] to cook, you get water?" (Híhta vúla kwiwánikae kúyito?) Whereupon Kavúshkavuwnöm replied: "A dish of young squashes" (Ngamóochona). Shovíviounöm hereupon said: "So you are going to feast?" (Aha, hálihi kurzh pas um chónni?) "Yes," the other one replied, "you must come this evening and visit me," whereupon they separated, the one going home with her water, and the other one going after water.

When Shovíviounöm returned with her water she went to grinding corn and prepared some hurúshuki. Of this she put some into a tray and proceeded to the house of her friend, Kavúshkavuwnöm, who had invited her to come over. The latter had in the meanwhile prepared her dish of young squashes. This she put into a bowl and the two then sat down and ate the squashes and the hurúshuki. While they were eating they conversed together, and when they were through and Shovíviounöm had visited for a little while, she returned to her home.

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The next morning Shovíviounöm went after water first. She looked around several times for her friend, who, however, was not yet coming. She went down to the spring, filled her jug with water, but still her friend was not coming. So she returned to the village, and as she was ascending the incline to the village Kavúshkavuwnöm descended from the village, also going after water. When they met, Kavúshkavuwnöm asked her friend: "What now [in order] to cook, you get water?" (Híhta vúla kwiwánikae kúyito?) Whereupon Shovíviounöm replied: ''Tavóchona." .. So you are going to feast?" "(Aha, hálihi kurzh pas um chónni?) Kavúshkavuwnöm said. "Yes," Shovíviounöm replied, "you must come and visit me in the evening. "

When they had both returned they prepared their meals, Kavúshkavuwnöm preparing some hurúshuki, and Shovíviounöm preparing a dish of rabbit meat. In the evening Kavúshkavuwnöm proceeded to the house of her friend. The latter put her dish of rabbit meat into a bowl, and Kavúshkavuwnöm added her hurúshuki. The two then ate, enjoying their feast. When they were through, they conversed together until the sun went down, whereupon Kavúshkavuwnöm returned to her house and both retired for the night.


153:1 Told by Lománömtiwa (Oraíbi).

2 Told by Tangákhoyoma (Oraíbi).

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