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p. 153


Halíksai! In Oraíbi they were living. East of the Kwan kiva a youth lived, by the name of Big Head (Wuyákqötö), Away south are the Hopi Buttes, and on the westernmost butte lived Goat Horn (Chiwákala). These two were friends, but as they lived so far apart they did not visit each other often; but one time Goat Horn visited his friend in Oraíbi. After they had eaten and talked together, towards evening Goat Horn wanted to return home. "My friend," he said to Big Head. "What is it?" the latter replied. "You must come and visit me sometime, too," Goat Horn said; whereupon he went home. After a while Big Head visited his friend, and stayed all night there. In the morning Goat Horn killed a goat for his friend, cut it in two, and gave him one-half, which Big Head took with him to the village; and that is the reason why Hopi, when they kill a goat, cut it up.

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