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(Big Smoky Valley, Nevada. Shoshoni)

Wolf had a big water jug. He said to his brother, Coyote, "Coyote, don't touch or open this jug. Be careful!" Then Wolf went away. Coyote said, "What is the matter with my brother? What is in that jug? Why did he tell me not to open it? I am going to open it." Coyote pulled out the stopper.

Many people came out and flew away. 17 He replaced the stopper,

p. 267

while a few remained. The good ones had come out and had flown away like flies.

Wolf told Coyote they were going to move. He told Coyote to carry the big jug. They went to Smoky Valley. Wolf did not know that Coyote had opened the jug. He thought all the people were still in. When they came to Smoky Valley, Wolf said, "Open that jug!" Just a few Indians came out. They are the Shoshoni.


266:17 "Flew away" is probably the informant's confusion, rather than part of the native tale. In fact, this legend is not only synoptic, but probably incomplete.

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