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The Religion of the Luiseño Indians of Southern California, by Constance Goddard DuBois, [1908], at


There is a wonderful little knoll, near Bonsall, the Spanish name of it Mora, the Indian name Katuta; 287 and when there was a flood that killed all the people, some stayed on this hill and were not drowned. All the high mountains were covered, but this little hill remained above the water. One can see heaps of seashells and seaweed upon it, and ashes where those people cooked their food, and stones set together, left as they used them for cooking; and the shells were those of shell-fish they caught to eat. 288

They stayed there till the water went down. From the top of this hill one can see that the high mountains are lower than it is. This hill was one of the First People. 289


157:286 Told by Lucario Cuevish.

157:287 Or Katuktu; see song records 395 and 398 above.—Katukto.—S.

157:288 The hills near Del Mar and other places along the coast have many such heaps of sea-shells, of the species still found on the beaches, piled in quantities.

157:289 See song record 398, above.

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