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Notes on the Shoshonean Dialects of Southern California, by A. L. Kroeber, [1909], at

p. 235


The following linguistic notes which, like all preceding studies in this series, have been made possible by the generosity of Mrs. Phoebe A. Hearst to the Department of Anthropology of the University of California, are supplementary to a paper on "The Shoshonean Dialects of California," issued in Volume 4 of the

p. 236

present series of publications in 1907. The orthography described in that paper has been used here. 1 The character ’ is however better described as a glottal stop, while aspirations are denoted ‘. by The Cahuilla, Agua Caliente, Serrano, and Gabrielino information here presented was obtained at Cabezon, Morongo, and San Manuel reservations, in the course of a trip made in 1907, the ethnological results of which have been discussed in a previous paper in this volume, "Ethnography of the Cahuilla Indians." The data on the dialect of San Juan Capistrano were secured at that place late in 1907. The Chemehuevi notes were given in 1908 by two Chemehuevi living among the Mohave at Needles. As vocabularies of Agua Caliente, Gabrielino, and Chemehuevi have been given in the former paper mentioned, new vocabularies that were obtained in these dialects are presented here only in so far as they contain new terms, or words secured in different form. The newly obtained Serrano and Juaneño vocabularies represent dialects that had not been previously heard by the author, and are therefore given in full.


236:1 In brief, x is spirant of k, g‘ of g; q, g, velar; ñ, nasal of k; c, sh; t•, palatal; v, bilabial; ì, è, è, ù, long open; ī, ē, ō, ū, long close; ö, ü, Shoshonean ö, ü; a i, etc., whispered; n, nasalization; ’, glottal stop; ‘, aspiration; ´, accent.

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