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A Mission Record of the California Indians, by A.L. Kroeber, [1908], at

p. 11

San Juan Capistrano23

We know that they adore a large bird similar to a kite, which they raise with the greatest care from the time it is young, and they hold to many errors regarding it. 24


When a new moon shows itself they make a great outcry, which manifests their interest (negosijo). If there is an eclipse of the sun or of the moon, they shout with still louder outcries, beating the ground, skins, or mats with sticks, which shows their concern and uneasiness. 25


11:23 The Indians of San Juan Capistrano have sometimes been known as Juaneños. They speak a dialect similar to Luiseño. It is regarding them that the missionary Boscana has left the invaluable account that has been mentioned. The fathers in charge of San Juan Capistrano about 1811 were Francisco Suñer and Jose Barona.

11:24 The large bird similar to a kite is no doubt the eagle or condor as among the Diegueño and Luiseño.

11:25 The "outcry" at the appearance of the new moon is more fully described by Boscana. Racing by the young men formed a feature of the occasion. Boscana also mentions the concern felt at the time of an eclipse.

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