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Formula of a Deer Medicine. 1

p. 320

A Kīxûnai lived in the middle of this world. He came into existence just before the coming of Indians. "How will it be," he thought, "when Indians come into existence and a miñkilen eats of the venison they have killed?" Then it happened that a woman in such a condition did eat of venison which he had killed. He went out to hunt and walked about until night without seeing a deer. He heard someone say to him, "It has happened because a miñkilen has eaten of your venison." "How will it be?" thought the Kīxûnai. When he looked around he saw buck brush 1 growing there. He took some of the leaves and tender shoots, pounded them up, and rubbed them on himself.

When he went out to hunt the next morning two deer came toward him. He killed them. "This way it will happen to that one of the Indians who shall know my medicine. Not many of them shall know my medicine. It will be well with the one who knows it. I wish that he may have no trouble in killing deer."


319:1 Told at Hupa, June 1901, by Robinson Shoemaker.

320:1 Ceanothus integerrimus.

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