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The Holy Bible on the altar is usually opened at the 123d Psalm and the square and compass placed thereon, the latter open and both points placed below the square.

Preparation of Candidate Entered Apprentice Degree.—He is ushered into the "preparation room," where he meets the Junior Deacon and Stewards who divest him of all his clothing except his shirt. He is then handed an old pair of drawers which he puts on; the left leg is rolled up above the knee; the left sleeve of the shirt is rolled up above the elbow, a hoodwink is fastened over both eyes, a rope, called a cable-tow, is put once around his neck, and a slipper (with the heel slip-shod) is put upon the right foot.

Due Guard of An Entered Apprentice—Hold out the left hand a little in front of the body and in a line with the lower button of the vest, the hand being open and palm turned upward. Now place the right hand horizontally across the left and about two or three inches above it.

Penal Sign of an Entered Apprentice.—Made from the due-guard by dropping the left hand carelessly; at the same time raise the right arm and draw the hand, still open, across the throat, thumb

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next the throat, and drop the hand perpendicularly by the side. These movements ought to be made in an off hand manner, without stiffness.

Sign without Due-Guards— (The usual way outside the lodge.) Simply draw the open hand carelessly across the threat and let it fall down by the side.

Candidate taking Entered Apprentice Obligation.
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Candidate taking Entered Apprentice Obligation.

Worshipful Master to Candidate:—"You will advance to the altar, kneel upon your naked left knee, your right forming a square, your left hand supporting the holy Bible, square and compass, your right resting thereon, in which due form you will say, I, with your name in full, and repeat after me."

Grip of an Entered Apprentice.—Take hold of each other's hands as in ordinary hand-shaking and press the top of your thumb hard against the first knuckle-joint of the first finger near the hand. If the person whom you are shaking hands with is a Mason, he will generally return a like pressure on your hand.

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Entered Apprentice Word—Boaz. It is the name of this grip.

Entered Apprentice Step.—Step off one step with the left foot and bring the heel of your right foot to the hollow of your left.

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