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"It is written, 'And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech' (Gen. XI. 1). Said Rabbi Simeon, 'Scripture relates of Solomon's temple, it was built of stones made ready before brought to the house. so that the sound of hammer, nor axe, nor of any tool of iron was heard whilst it was building' (1 King VI. 7). What is the meaning of the words, 'whilst it was building?' From the form of expression, we might infer

p. 302

it was in some marvelous and wonderful manner self-builded. Were not Solomon and his artizans the builders of it? Ere replying to these questions let us give the mystical meaning of the words, 'And thou shalt make a candlestick of pure gold, of beaten work shall the candlestick be made' (Ex. XXV. 31). Now since the candlestick was to be made of beaten gold, and scripture distinctly states, it was 'self-made' (yerechah) how could this possibly be? Our answer is, it was done by the operation of an unknown and invisible force or power, in other words by a miraculous agency. When the artisans of Solomon wished to begin their labors, he instructed them to do work to which they had never been accustomed and of which they were wholly ignorant, so that it was only through the blessing of the Holy One, with wisdom and power from on high directing their hands, that they were able to begin and complete the structure of the holy temple, and therefore it was as scripture states, "and the house when it was being self-built" (vehabeth behibbanothou) through divine power and influence operating in the minds or wills and hands of the artisans who worked according to a plan or a certain method, from which they never deviated until the temple was finished and completed.74a It is also said, it was made of stone ready prepared (shelemah) (which against the general rule is written without the yod)  1 . This strange marvel is further confirmed by the word next following, massang (brought or conducted thither) indicating that the artisans engaged in the construction of the house simply used or made passes with their hauls and the work was accomplished though they understood not, nor comprehended the mystery of its modus operandi. It was further stated, 'There was neither hammer, nor axe nor any tool of iron used in the house while it was building itself.' No wonder therefore is it that whilst wielding, controlling and manipulating such a mysterious and occult power and agent they observed the strictest silence and refrained from the use of tool and implement in the erection of the sacred temple. How deep and occult are the mysteries of the secret doctrine and few are there who have any notion or idea and knowledge of them. When the Holy One wishes to manifest his glory and power to humanity, he causes to descend from a part of the universe termed the 'thought sphere,' whose locus is unknown, save to himself, and pass through the bodily organ known as the 'larynx,' the mysterious breath of life which is designated in scripture and described as 'the living God,' 'the only true God and King eternal.'"


302:1 shelemah = ‏שלימה‎, without the Yod = ‏שלמה‎ = Solomon--JBH.

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