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Tractate Sanhedrin, Herbert Danby tr. [1919], at

(2) Who steals a Soul from Israel.

M.He who steals a soul from Israel is not guilty till he bring it into his own domain and make use of it, as it is written: AND TREAT HIM AS A SLAVE AND SELL HIM. 1 If a man steal his own son, R. Johanan, the son of Beruka, 2 convicts, but the majority acquit. If one steal a man who is half free and half a slave, 3 R. Jehuda convicts, but the majority acquit.


137:1 Deut. 24. 7.

137:2 R. Jochanan b. Beruka, a pupil of Jehoshua b. Hanania, and a prominent authority on marriage laws.

137:3 One who has paid his master half the amount necessary for purchasing his freedom.

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