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Tractate Sanhedrin, Herbert Danby tr. [1919], at

12. The Sabbath-breaker.

M.VII. 8a. If a man defile the Sabbath 8 by a

p. 102

M.wilful act, he is liable to extermination; 1 if by error, to a sin-offering.


101:8 Numb. 15. 32-36. See Mishnah Shab. VII. for the thirty-nine acts which may not be performed on the Sabbath.

102:1 Kārēth, i.e. "cutting off," "extirpation,"--by death. Cf. the common expression in the Pentateuch: "That soul shall be cut off from his people." Some crimes, though not legally punishable by the court, are such that the authors suffer Kārēth, a death penalty direct from heaven. The tract Kerithoth in the Talmud is devoted to this subject.

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