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1040. ALSO, we have learned in the "Book of Concealed Mystery" that when the Most Holy Ancient One desired to see whether the judgments could be mitigated, and whether these two could adhere together, that then from the side of the Woman there went forth a vehement judgment, which the world could not bear. 1

p. 241

1041 Whence it is written: "And Adam knew Eve his wife" (Gen. iv. 1). And she conceived and brought forth QIN, Qain, and said: "I have acquired a man with Tetragrammaton."

1042. And She was not perfect, because She had not been mitigated, and the powerful serpent had transmitted unto Her the pollution of severe judgment; and therefore She could not be mitigated.

1043. When therefore this man Qain proceeded from the side of the Woman, he went forth rigorous and severe; severe in his judgment, rigorous in his judgment.

1044. But when he had gone forth, She Herself became thereafter weaker and more gentle. And there went forth another and gentler birth.

1045. And the former one was removed, which was so vehement and rigorous that all the judgments could not be mingled together before Her.

1046. Come and see. What is written? "And it came to pass when they were both in the field." "In the field," which is known to be the supernal (field); "in the field," which is called the field of the apple-trees.

1047. And this judgment hath conquered his brother because he is stronger than he, and hath subdued him, and hath concealed him in his own power.

1048. Then therefore, that Holy God was stirred up regarding this--may His Name be blessed!--and took him away from the midst before him, and placed him in the mouth of the Great Abyss.

1049. And enclosed his brother by immersion in the Great Sea, so that he might temperate the supernal tears.

1050. And from them men descend in the world according to their path.

1051. And although they are concealed, yet are they extended mutually in themselves and from one body.

1052. And from that body descend the souls, NShMThHVN, of the impious, of the sinners, and of the hardened in spirit.

p. 242

1053. From them both at once, dost thou think? No but one floweth down from the one side, and another from the other.

1054. Blessed are the just, whose NShMThHVN, souls, are drawn from that Holy Body which is called Adam, which includeth all things; the place, as it were, wherein all the Crowns and Holy Diadems are associated together, arrayed in the equilibrium of balance.

1055. Blessed are the just, because all these are holy words which are sent forth through the Supernal Holy Spirit, the spirit wherein all the Holy Ones are comprehended; the spirit in whom the supernals and inferiors are collected together (otherwise, whom the supernals and inferiors hear).

1056. Blessed are ye, O Lords of Lords, Reapers of the Field, who know and contemplate those words, and know well your Lord, face to face, and eye to eye; and through those words worthy in the world to come.

1057. This is that very thing which is written, Deut. iv. 38: "Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that Tetragrammaton, He is Elohim (HVA HALHIM), in the heavens above, and upon the earth beneath: there is none other."

1058. Where Tetragrammaton is the Ancient of Days. Hoa Ha-Elohim, that is the One, blessed be His Name for ever, and unto the Ages of the Ages.


240:1 See "Book of Concealed Mystery," ch. iii. §§ 27-31.

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