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997. HEREUNTO have adhered together both the Woman and the Man; now in Their condition are They separated in arms and limbs.

998. Of the Male, one arm is right and the other left.

999. In the first arm (otherwise in the holy arm) three members 2 (or divisions) are bound together.

1000. And the two arms are completed. And they are perfected in three members in the right arm, and in three members in the left arm.

1001. The three members of the right arm correspond to the three members of the left arm.

1002. And therefore is mention only made of the one

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arm. For of the arms there is only made mention of that on the right side; but in Exod. xv. 6 it is called, "Thy right hand, O Tetragrammaton!"

1003. Therefore it is said "the right hand of Tetragrammaton," with reference to the three divisions of the Patriarchs 1 who have occupied those parts.

1004. And if thou shalt say: "Also these are found (symbolized) in the three cavities of the skull."

1005. We have learned that all these three (as to their conceptions) are expanded through and connected with the whole body (of Microprosopus) through those three which are bound together in the right arm.

1006. And therefore David desired Him, and said, Ps. cx. i: "Sit thou with those on my right hand," that he might be associated with the Patriarchs, and sit there in the perfect throne.

1007. And therefore it is written, Ps. cxviii. 22: "The stone which the builders rejected," because that he sat on the right hand.

1008. This is that which is written, Dan. xii. 13: "And thou shalt rest, and rise again in thy lot at the limit of My right hand." 2

1009. Like as if it were said: "Even as he who is worthy of the friendship of the King is happy when the King extendeth His right hand, and placeth him at His right hand."

1010. But when He sitteth, certain members are extended as to this right hand, but the arm extendeth not the hand (otherwise, when He sitteth, also the members are not extended, and the arm is not stretched

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forth but remaineth still), with its three members, of which mention hath been made before.

1011. But when sinners are stirred up and spread abroad in the world, three other members are excited, which are severe judgment, and His arm is stretched forth.

1012. And when that arm is stretched forth, it is as it were the right hand (also); but it is called "the arm of Tetragrammaton": "O Tetragrammaton! Thine arm hath been stretched forth" (1 Kings viii. 42).

1013. When these three members are contained in those three, all are called the right hand, and judgment is exercised and mercy.

10l4. This is that which is said, Exod. xv. 6: "Thy right hand, O Tetragrammaton, is marvellous in power; with Thy right hand, O Tetragrammaton, wilt Thou dash in pieces the enemy;" seeing that therein are stirred up the mercies.

10l5. Also, we have learned that unto this right hand adhere three hundred and fifty thousand myriads (otherwise, which are called the right hand, and one hundred and eighty-five thousand myriads) from the arm, which is called the arm of Tetragrammaton.

1016. Therefore, from either side is the arm (i.e., it is either the right arm or the left arm), because that it is said (to be) on either side of Tiphereth. 1

1017. For it is written, Isa. lxiii. 12: "That led Moses to his right hand, by the arm of his Tiphereth."

1018. The first expression denoteth the right; but the "arm" denoteth the left; for it is written, "by the arm of his Tiphereth," one (side) with the other (i.e., right and left).

1019. Moreover, we have learned that to that which is on the left side there adhere four hundred and fifty 2

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Lords of Shields, and that they adhere unto those separate fingers.

1020. And in the single fingers there are found ten thousand Lords of the Shields. Go thou then forth, and number how many of them there are in the hand.

1021. And this right hand is called the Holy Aid, which cometh forth from the right arm, from the three. members (thereof).

1022. And although it be called the hand, yet is it Aid, since it is written, 2 Sam. iii. 12. "And behold, My Hand is with thee."

1023. And in it are contained one thousand and four myriads and five hundred and eight thousand lords, the aiders in every world, 1 who are called the supernal hand of the Tetragrammaton, the inferior hand of the Tetragrammaton.

1024. And although everywhere it be called the hand of Tetragrammaton, it is understood (that sometimes) the left hand 2 (is intended to be spoken of). For if they be benevolent, it is called the right hand of Tetragrammaton, and the hand is included in the arm, and is for aid, and is called the hand; and if, on the other hand, it be not so, the inferior hand of Tetragrammaton is (to be understood).

1025. We have learned that when the severe judgments are excited so that they may descend into the world, that then it is written, Ps. xxv. 14: "The Arcanum of Tetragrammaton is over those who fear Him."


235:1 This partakes of alchemical symbolism--Mezahab, the philosophical Mercury.

235:2 As in the arm there are three natural divisions, from shoulder to elbow, from elbow to wrist, and from wrist to the tips of the fingers. The word QShRIN, here translated "members." means, properly speaking, "zones."

236:1 This word in the original is ABHThA, Ebahatha, which, according to the context, may mean simply "Fathers"; or in a more emphatic sense, "Patriarchs"; this latter is the sense in which it is employed in this passage. The three Patriarchs are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, for this word Ebahatha is not employed to denote the twelve sons of the latter.

236:2 This is usually translated "at the end of the days." This translation is simply due to a difference in the pointing, the words being the same in orthography--thus, IMIN.

237:1 See table of the Sephiroth, &c., in the Introduction, where it will be seen that Tiphereth is as it were the centre.

237:2 450 = ThN, Than, which is the root of Serpent or Dragon. Compare Leviathan, which is probably formed from this root.

238:1 That is, on every qabalistical plane. (See Introduction regarding the Four Worlds, &c.)

238:2 For in Microprosopus there is always right and left. Mercy and Justice; while in Macroprosopus all is said to be "right." But Microprosopus is manifest, and Macroprosopus is hidden.

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