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448. THE twelfth conformation is that the hairs do not hang over the mouth, and that the mouth is bare on every part, and that beautiful are the hairs surrounding it, so that there may be no molestation there, as is fit.

449. But wherein consisteth the molestation? Doubtless it is frequently said, "If judgment exist in the place of judgment (or, "If judgment follow after judgment"), molestation ariseth."

450. Therefore are the hairs of the beard either (symbolical of) molestation or judgment, while the other parts appear to (symbolise) mercy.

451. Surely it is said for this reason, because the breathings forth of the Spirit upon Microprosopus are not molestations.

452. For we have learned that from that holy and excellent mouth of the Holy of the Holy Ones the Spirit breaketh forth.

453. What spirit? The Spirit which floweth forth upon Microprosopus, that it may enshroud Him.

454. And with that Spirit are all those 1 veiled which are inferior. And when that Spirit goeth forth, then is it divided into 37,000 aspects, 2 of which each one is expanded, but only in its proper place.

p. 165

455. And he who is worthy to be enshrouded is en. shrouded by (the Spirit).

456. And therefore hairs are not found upon the holy mouth, because thence the Spirit rusheth forth; neither is it necessary that any (extraneous things) whatsoever should be mingled therewith or approach thereto.

457. And that (mouth) is very secret, because to it nothing adhereth, nor doth anything touch upon it from above or below; and it is concealed in the secret of secrets, so that it cannot be known.

458. In fact, it is not formed, nor doth it exist 1 (properly speaking) in this conformation.

459. And because that Spirit which proceedeth unto the exteriors, and wherewith the true prophets have been overshadowed, is called the mouth of Tetragrammaton.

460. But herein, in the Ancient of the Ancient Ones, is it not made manifest, nor is there any who knoweth His Spirit save Himself.

461. And therefore are the hairs of (the beard) of equal length around the mouth; and this latter is bare in every part.

462. And herein have our fathers put their trust, that they might be overshadowed by that Spirit which is developed in multitudinous aspects, each in its proper place, wherewith all the equal hairs are surrounded.

463. This is that which is written in that passage of Micah: "Which thou has sworn unto our fathers."

464. And this is the holy and excellent twelfth conformation, from which, linked together, depend twelve limitations above and twelve limitations below; even twelve limitations, according unto the twelve tribes of our fathers.

465. This is that which is written: "Which Thou hast sworn unto our fathers."


164:1 That is, the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth Sephiroth which form Microprosopus; and the tenth, which is the Bride.

164:2 That is, 37 in the material, or Asiah = ZL, Zal = profession, LZ, Laz = diversion of force.

165:1 Meaning that in this place it is the conformations of the beard and not the mouth that are being described.

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