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65. This is the tradition. From the skull of His head hang down a thousand thousand myriads; seven thousand and five hundred curling hairs, white and pure, like as wool when it is pure; which have not been mingled confusedly together less inordinate disorder should be shown in His conformation; but all are in order, so that no one lock may go beyond another lock, nor one hair before another.

66. And in single curls are four hundred and ten locks

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of hair, according unto the number of the word, QDVSh, Qadosch, Holy. 1

67. But these hairs, all and singular, radiate into four hundred and ten worlds.

68. But these worlds alone are hidden and concealed, and no man knoweth them, save himself.

69. And he radiateth in seven hundred and twenty directions (others say four hundred and twenty).

70. And in all the hairs is a fountain, which issueth from the hidden brain behind the wall of the skull.

71. And it shineth and goeth forth through that hair unto the hair of Microprosopus, and from it is His brain formed; and thence that brain goeth forth into thirty and two paths.

72. And each curl radiateth and hangeth down arranged in beautiful form, and adorned with ornament, and they enshroud the skull.

73. But the curls of the hair are disposed on each side of the skull.

74. Also we have said: Each hair is said to be the breaking of the hidden fountains, issuing from the concealed brain.

75. Also this is the tradition: From the hair of a man it is known what he is, whether rigorous or merciful, when he passeth over forty years; thus also when he is perfect in hair, in beard, and in the eyebrows of his eyes.

76. The curls of His hair hang down in order, and pure like unto (pure) wool, even unto his shoulders. Say we unto His shoulders? Nevertheless, even unto the rise of His shoulders, so that His neck may not be seen, because of that which is written, Jer. ii. 27: "Because they have turned away from Me the neck and not the face."

77. And the hair is less close to the ears, lest it should cover them; because it is written., Ps. cxxx. 2. "As Thine am are open."

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78. From hence His hair stretcheth out behind His ears. The whole is in equilibrium; one hair doth not go beyond another hair, (they are) in perfect disposition, and beautiful arrangement, and orderly condition.

79. It is the delight and joy of the just, who are in Microprosopus, to desire to behold and to conform unto that conformation which is in the Ancient One, the Most Concealed of all.

80. Thirteen curls of hair exist on the one side and on the other of the skull; (they are) about His face, and through them commenceth the division of the hair.

81. There is no left in that Ancient Concealed One, but all is right. 1

82. He appeareth, and He appeareth not; He is concealed, and He is not concealed; and that is in His conformation much more so than in Himself.

83. And concerning this the children of Israel wished to inquire in their heart, like as it is written, Exod. xvii. 7: "Is the Tetragrammaton in the midst of us, or the Negatively Existent One?" (Where they distinguished) between Microprosopus, who is called Tetragrammaton, and between Macroprosopus, who is called AIN, Ain, the Negatively Existent?

84. But why, then, were they punished? Because they did it not in love, but in temptation; like as it is written (ibid.). "Because they tempted the Tetragrammaton, saying, Is it the Tetragrammaton in the midst of us, or is it the Negatively Existent One?"

85. In the parting of the hair proceedeth a certain path, which shineth into two hundred and seventy worlds, and from that (again) shineth a path wherein the just of the world to come shall shine.

86. That is what is written, Prov. iv. 18: "And the

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path of the just shall shine as the light, going forth, and shining more and more unto the perfect day.

87. And out of that is the path divided into six hundred and thirteen paths, which are distributed in Microprosopus.

88. As it is written concerning Him, Pa. xxv. 6: "All the paths of the Tetragrammaton are mercy and truth," &c.


119:1 Which are the thirty-two paths of the Sepher Yetzirah, or Book of Formation; symbolised by the ten numbers; and twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

120:1 For by Gematria Q + D + V + Sh = 100 + 4 + 6 + 300 = 410.

121:1 Meaning there is no evil in Him. but all is good. So that, in the symbolic language of the Zohar, Macroprosopus is represented by a profile countenance, wherein one side is not seen. rather than by a full face, as in Microprosopus.

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