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Tractate Berakoth, by , by A. Lukyn Williams, [1921], at

p. 72

If the Benediction after a Meal has been forgotten.

M.VIII. 8 (7). In the case of him who has eaten, and has forgotten, and not said the Benediction—the School of Shammai say: Let him return to his place 1 and say it. The School of Hillel say: Let him say it in the place where he remembers it. 2 How long after may he say the Benediction? Until the food in his bowels is consumed. 3


72:1 to his place. i.e. at the table.

72:2 The School of Hillel presuppose the forgetfulness to be by pure accident: the School of Shammai suggest that he should have been more careful.

72:3 i.e. when he feels hungry.

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