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Tractate Berakoth, by , by A. Lukyn Williams, [1921], at

p. 30

Parenthesis: A Rabbi's Prayers on Entering and Leaving His "School."

M.IV. 2. R. Nechuniah ben ha-Qanah 1 used to pray on his entering the School, 2 and on his going out, a short prayer. They said to him, What is the nature 3 of this prayer? He said to them: On my entering I pray that no offence [to others] happens through me, 4 and on my going out I give thanks for my lot. 5


30:1 R. Nechuniah ben ha-Qanah. One of the first generation of mishna teachers, C. 90 A.D., the teacher of R. Ishmael (p. 6). He is the reputed author of the Cabbalistic Sepher ha Bahir.

30:2 the School. Literally, the Beth ha Midrash, the lecture room.

30:3 nature. So Bartenora, literally "place." Possibly it means only "occasion."

30:4 through me. By a wrong exposition, at which other scholars may laugh, glad at my mistake, and so sin.

30:5 my lot. My calling as a frequenter of the School. Both the prayer and the thanksgiving are given in the Gemara, 28b.

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