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Tractate Berakoth, by , by A. Lukyn Williams, [1921], at

On Reciting the Shma‘ with Intention, and on Saluting between the Sections.

M. II. 1. If one is reading 7 [the Shma‘] in the Law and the time has come for reciting it, then if he reads with intention he has fulfilled the obligation [of reciting the Shma‘], but if not [with intention] he has not. And at the sections 8 he may give a salutation out of respect [to his friend], and he may reply to a salutation given. And in

p. 15

M.the middle [of a section] he may give it, out of fear [of a superior], and he may reply. This is the opinion of R. Meir. R. Judah says: In the middle he may give it out of fear, and may reply out of respect; and at the sections he may give it out of respect, and may give the usual response of "Peace" to any one. 1

T. II. 2. He who recites the Shma‘ must direct his attention to it. R. Achai 2 says in the name of R. Judah, If he directs his attention to it in the first section, although he has not directed his attention to it in the later section, he has fulfilled his duty.


14:7 reading. It was the practice to read the Torah aloud.

14:8 at the sections. Between the various sections of the Shine in the wider sense. See the next mishna.

15:1 Cf. Matt. 1012 sq.

15:2 R. Achai. Of the fourth generation of Tannaim, c. 200 A.D.

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