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The Babylonian Talmud

translated by MICHAEL L. RODKINSON

Book 10 (Vols. I and II)

The History of the Talmud

Volume I.    Volume II.   

Volume I: History of the Talmud

Title Page
Contents of Volume I.
Chapter I: Origin of the Talmud
Chapter II: Development of the Talmud in the First Century
Chapter III: Persecution of the Talmud from the destruction of the Temple to the Third Century
Chapter IV: Development of the Talmud in the Third Century
Chapter V: The Two Talmuds
Chapter IV: The Sixth Century: Persian and Byzantine Persecution of the Talmud
Chapter VII: The Eight Century: the Persecution of the Talmud by the Karaites
Chapter VIII: Islam and Its Influence on the Talmud
Chapter IX: The Period of Greatest Diffusion of Talmudic Study
Chapter X: The Spanish Writers on the Talmud
Chapter XI: Talmudic Scholars of Germany and Northern France
Chapter XII: The Doctors of France; Authors of the Tosphoth
Chapter XIII: Religious Disputes of All Periods
Chapter XIV: The Talmud in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Chapter XV. Polemics with Muslims and Frankists
Chapter XVI: Persecution during the Seventeenth Century
Chapter XVII: Attacks on the Talmud in the Nineteenth Century
Chapter XVIII. The Affair of Rohling-Bloch
Chapter XIX: Exilarchs, Talmud at the Stake and Its Development at the Present Time
Appendix A.
Appendix B

Volume II: Historical and Literary Introduction to the New Edition of the Talmud

Contents of Volume II
Part I: Chapter I: The Combination of the Gemara, The Sophrim and the Eshcalath
Chapter II: The Generations of the Tanaim
Chapter III: The Amoraim or Expounders of the Mishna
Chapter IV: The Classification of Halakha and Hagada in the Contents of the Gemara.
Chapter V: Apocryphal Appendices to the Talmud and Commentaries.
Plate facing page 48: Contents of the Talmud in Hebrew
Chapter VI: Epitomes, Codifications, Manuscripts and Printed Editions of the Talmud.
Chapter VII: Translations of the Talmud
Chapter VIII: Bibliography of Modern Works and Monographs on Talmudic Subjects
Chapter IX. Why Should Christians Feel Interested in the Talmud?
Chapter X: Opinions on the Value of the Talmud by Gentiles and Modern Jewish Scholars
Part II; Chapter I: Talmudical Ethics
Chapter II: Ethical Teachings of the Talmud
Part III: Method of Translation
Plate facing page 100: Page of the Talmud in Hebrew
Part IV: Criticism
Appendix to Chapter II.
Part V. The Arrangement of the Six Sections in Their Sixty Tracts