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p. 46



The seeker of good shall acceptance find
  From the God whose glory is boundless,
If he turn unto Him with repentant mind,
And sackcloth on both of his shoulders bind
        By way of memorial.

So come and return to our God on high
  Who fashioned the uttermost heavens,
Let your songs of praise to His footstool fly
And thank Him to-night in a choral cry
        By way of memorial.

O King of the Kingdom that hails Thy name
  Since first to the void Thou spakest,
Evoking the light that from darkness came,
Accept this plea to expunge my shame
        As rite of memorial.

Prepare, O Israel, to meet Thy God,
  Let every man seek to find ransom,
Remove the evil at which ye nod,
Cleanse ye and wash ye or dread His rod
        This day of memorial.

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