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p. 45



Let the numerous isles rejoice with trembling,
For He is high and exalted and acknowledged as One
In the height of the firmament.
The Lord reigneth, let the earth rejoice.
The clouds acclaim Thee beyond every other power,
In every mouth is thy unity uttered,
And by the people of God is Thy praise proclaimed.
And who is like to Thy people Israel,
The one nation on earth,
To give thanks to Thee upstanding,
O God inhabiting the heights,
And to proclaim Thee as One?
The Lord reigneth, let the nations quake.
He sitteth among the Cherubim, let the earth tremble.
The scattered shalt Thou assemble and the sighing redeem,
To Thy holy house Thou shalt lead them with rejoicing,
And from earth’s four corners gather the exiles.

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