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p. 41



Almighty God, on lofty throne
  In wisdom Thou didst build the world,
  Thy might the firmament unfurled
And Thou wast King ere kings were known.

Sole King, who hung the earth on naught,
  In great assemblies I will cry,
  For every soul must testify,
The Lord of hosts rules all He wrought.

His seat is hid in mystery,
  Myriads of holy ones in dread,
  His ministers in lowlihead,
Surround His awful Majesty.

His praises in set order sing,
  Although all praise He hath outsoared,
  Declare the Kingdom of the Lord,
Proclaiming that the Lord is King.

p. 42

The depths of sky His mercy planned,
  The waters are His footstools. He
  Their measures gave to stream and sea
And poured them in with royal hand.

The sea unto His bounds submits,
  Our King and God, so great and high,
  His glory covers all the sky
When that upon His throne He sits.

Sole King, He spreads for curtain Space,
  The sun uprises from the east
  To draw from earth a dainty feast,
A strong man glad to run a race.

O glorious Sovereign whom I sing,
  Be gracious unto us and kind,
  For Thine own sake, if but I find
Grace in Thine eyes, my Lord and King.

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