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p. 39



The breath of the remnant of Jacob shall praise Thee,
For with testimony confirmed Thou hast made him Thy witness
And keepest Thy covenant with him and Thy kindness;
Therefore shall he thank Thee on the day Thou hast appointed judgment.

The breath of the company of Israel shall ravish
Thy heart,
        Daily proclaiming Thy Unity.
To be judged of Thee and by Thy hand inscribed
        In the book of life,
They stand this day according to Thy ordinance,
        For all things are Thy servants.

The breath of the nation set apart from the seventy
And weighing true in the scales of righteousness,
        Shall hail Thee as King,
A monarch of justice and righteousness,
Who sits on the Throne of righteousness,
        A righteous judge.

The breath of the congregations chosen of Thee shall thank Thee,
        And their bannered tribes, p. 40
O Thou who stretchest Thy hand to receive the transgressors of Thy judgments,
That Thou mayest be justified when Thou speakest
And be in the right when Thou judgest.

The breath of those conserved in Israel,
        Thy servants who fear Thee,
        Shall hail Thee as mighty.
Thou art near to all that call upon Thee,
Righteousness and justice are the foundation of
        Thy throne.

The breath of the holy ones hallowing Thee,
        Responding in all their passion of desire,
        Acclaims Thee as holy.
Holy God, King living forever, they cry,
And would that our mouths were as full as the sea
        With song!

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