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Eighteen Treatises from the Mishna, by D. A. Sola and M. J. Raphall, [1843], at

p. 241


Contains laws regulating marriage contracts, dowries, and settlements, the matrimonial rights, duties and obligations of husband and wife, and various other matters appertaining to the married state.

The word ‏כתובה‎, in its primary signification, denotes a writing or document generally; but its use is technically restricted to marriage contracts, which are invariably drawn up according to a set form in the Chaldee (Aramaic) language. The jointure settled on the wife by virtue of the marriage contract is called her Ketubah, and in all cases amounts to a fixed and standing sum which remains of the same amount whether the parties are rich or poor, though by special covenant it may be enlarged. The whole of a man's property is liable to the payment of the Ketubah, and whatever portion of his real property he sells continues subject to that liability should the remainder of his estate prove insufficient.


241:1 The plural of Ketubah.

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