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§ 1. Whoever carries out wine sufficient to mix a goblet [of wine], 1 [such as is used at grace after meat], milk equal to a mouthful, honey sufficient to spread upon a sore, oil sufficient to anoint a small limb [joint], water sufficient to form a colyrium [wash for one eye], or of any other kind of beverage, quarter of a lug, and also of whatever can be poured out [liquids], quarter of a lug. R. Simeon saith, "For all [the articles here enumerated] the legal quantity is one quarter lug; and the [various] quantities here specified are only for those who conserve [keep the articles].

§ 2. Whoever carries out rope sufficient to make a handle for a box, [basket], or reed sufficient to make a hook for [whereon to hang] a fine, or a coarse sieve; R. Jehudah saith, "Sufficient to take measure for a child's shoe, paper sufficient to write thereon a toll-bill 2, and, [lastly, whoever carries out] a toll-bill of blotted paper, sufficient, to wrap a small balm flask therein, is guilty."

§ 3. Vellum sufficient for an amulet, [double wove parchment sufficient to write a mezoozah thereon], single wove parchment sufficient to write thereon the smallest section [parashah] of the Tephilin, which is ‏שמע ישראל‎, ink sufficient to write two letters, paint sufficient to dye one eye. 3

§ 4. Bird-lime sufficient to put on the top of the lime twig; pitch, or sulphur, sufficient to fill up a tube of quicksilver; wax sufficient to stop up a small leak [in a wine cask]; loam sufficient to make an

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orifice [for a bellows], or the crucible of a gold refiner. R. Jehudah saith, "sufficient to make a stand [for such a crucible], lime sufficient to cover the little finger of a maiden." R. Jehudah saith, "sufficient to cover one of her temples." R. Nehemiah saith, "sufficient to anoint one of her temples [withal]." 4

§ 5. Red loam sufficient to seal a bale of goods. Such is the dictum of R. Akivah; but the sages hold, "sufficient to seal a letter therewith." Dung, or fine sand, sufficient to manure a cabbage-stalk. Such is the dictum of R. Akivah; but the sages hold, "sufficient to manure a leek therewith." Coarse sand sufficient to fill a trowel, reed sufficient to make a writing-pen, and should it be thick or split, sufficient to boil the lightest of eggs 5, [which], mixed with oil, [lies] in a hot shell.

§ 6. Bone sufficient to make a spoon. R. Jehudah saith, "sufficient to make [a fitting] for a key." Glass sufficient to scrape the top of a weaver's shuttle therewith, a lump of mould, or a stone, large enough to throw at a bird. R. Eleazar ben Jacob saith, "large enough to throw at a beast."

§ 7. Potsherds large enough to put between deals to poise them. Such is the dictum of R. Jehudah; but R. Meir saith, "large enough to shovel up ignited fuel therewith." R. José saith, "large enough to receive [hold] quarter [of a lug]." R. Meir saith, "Although there is not [any absolute] proof in support [of my] assertion, there is an indication [of my] assertion; for it is said, 'There shall not be found in the bursting of it a sherd to take fire from the hearth.'" 6 But R. José replied, "[Can you] thence [adduce] a proof? [Does not the sentence conclude with the words], 'or to take water withal out of the pit?'" 7


48:1 The goblet holds one quarter lug. The proportion in mixing is three parts water to one part wine. Consequently, the quantity here meant, is, one-sixteenth of a lug.

48:2 The toll-bill contained two large sized letters.

48:3 In the East it is customary for women to dye their eye-lashes, and paint their eye-lids, with paint prepared out of a root called hennah.

49:4 It is an eastern custom to apply an ointment made of lime to the forehead, as a cosmetic to smoothen the skin.

49:5 The egg of a domestic fowl is considered as the lightest and quickest boiled of eggs.

49:6 Isa. xxx. 14.

49:7 Isa. xxx. 14.

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