The Duties of the Heart: Page Index

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Editorial Note

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Wisdom, the Highest Good

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The Gates of Knowledge

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The Ethics of the Body and the Ethics of the Soul

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Examples of Duties of the Heart

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The Duties of the Heart are more Important than any others

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All Conduct is Conditioned by the Heart

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The Duties of the Heart are for every Time and Place

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Faith without Knowledge

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The Only True Unity

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The Examination of Creation Shows the Goodness of the Creator

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Free Will and Providence

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The Motives of Human Benevolence

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Man's Obligation of Gratitude to God

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The Motive Forces that Impel Man to Grateful Service

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The Whole of Human Conduct Belongs to the Domain of Ethics

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The Danger of Pride and Self-Righteousness

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Humility, True and False

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Humility and Egotism

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Aids to the Cultivation of Humility

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Consistent Humility and Sincerity

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The Hall Marks of the Meek

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The Pride Consistent with Humility

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Humility as a Worldly Advantage—Contentment

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The Proper Study of Mankind is Man

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Of Trust in God

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Keeping Account with the Soul

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Contemplation Leading to Communion with God

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The Gate of Love

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The Right Study of Nature Leads to Nature's God

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What is Repentance?

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The Motives to Repentance

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On the Possibility of Repentance

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Habits of those that love God

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