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The Duties of the Heart, by Rabbi Bachye, tr. by Edwin Collins, [1909], at

p. 17

The Gates of Knowledge

Three gates the Creator has opened to mankind, so that they may enter into the domain of spirituality, ethical conduct and the laws divine, that guide us in our works and daily life to health of body and of mind and soul. The first is the lofty portal of pure Reason, with all obstructing errors cleared away; the second is the book of the Torah, * revealed to Moses, the prophet; the third is built up of traditions.


17:* Torah, literally guide, instruction, but generally translated "Law," is a word used in Hebrew literature with several distinct meanings:—(1) The Pentateuch, as distinguished from the rest of the Bible; (2) Scripture, any part of the O.T., as distinguished from The Talmud Rabbinic opinions and traditions; (3) The Contents of the Bible and Talmud, together with scientific, medical, ethical, or other facts or theories, studied for the purpose of elucidating the spiritual meaning, or practical application, of the Mosaic Law; (3a) the habit of studying Torah in the sense (3), i.e., Religion, hygiene and ethics, etc., based upon principles traceable to the Pentateuch.

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